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Z Junk
Send a message via AIM to daxnizmo Send a message via Yahoo to daxnizmo find.gif 01-02-2008 15,330 05-26-2020 daxnizmo's Avatar 39 Dack LoweryI'm just a laid back, tatted up1990 Naturally aspirated 2+2, A/TCalhoun, La.Working on the Z, family timedisability, GOOGLE "CMT Disease"
Super Absorbant Tampax
Send a message via AIM to Decoy_TT find.gif 10-10-2002 6,378 07-15-2020 Decoy_TT's Avatar 36 KevinFirst 300zx1990 Twin TurboBoston, MA.carsPissing off Liberals
My Car is Short
Send a message via AIM to Delox find.gif 09-20-2006 6,315 04-10-2015 Delox's Avatar 32 Rich MBentley University1991 300zx TTBelmont, Mass.  
Desert Dog
Z32/S30 Super Mod
Send a message via Yahoo to Desert Dog find.gif 07-12-2003 5,860 03-06-2013 Desert Dog's Avatar 58 Mikecar nut... plain and simple.1973 240Z LSX conversion in progressDallas, TXcars, motorcycles, 4X4 trucks, and guns... especially .45, flunkie.
spoolup ***
find.gif 03-23-2007 5,284 07-28-2020 dirt114's Avatar 31 keithi love lampTT swapped 2+0Cincinnati, Oh 45245anything with wheels or a boardliving
TT Owner
Send a message via AIM to dogpile5 Send a message via Yahoo to dogpile5 find.gif 08-17-2003 3,032 Yesterday dogpile5's Avatar 43 Justin 1993 300zx NA->TTCary, NC Lenovo Hardware Performance Engineer
Senior Member
find.gif 05-23-2008 2,722 04-03-2016 djk-west's Avatar 51 aka Dokk Tekk '91 300zx TT 2+0 - Stage VIILos Angeles, CA aka Dokk Tekk - DJ / Producer
find.gif 06-11-2006 2,690 07-20-2019 deebz's Avatar 33 Dan 1993 2+0 N/A 5 spd, 1990 300ZX TTToronto, Canada Student
Send a message via AIM to Distortionfile Send a message via Yahoo to Distortionfile find.gif 10-08-2007 2,417 01-23-2018   35 Blake CrawfordI love My Z!!!'88 N/A GL 5-spd '93 N/A AutoPiedmont, SCReading up on electronics so I can build themZ Mechanic and Parts Dealer
(O)=0 x 2
Send a message via AIM to DjTalya find.gif 11-09-2004 2,362 05-15-2016 DjTalya's Avatar CasperWhat can I say I <3 the z1991 300zx 2+2 TT, 1990 240sx, 1997 MX-5 MiataPleasanton,CA /San Diego,CACars,Dj, ArchitectureStudent
Hide your girlfriend
Send a message via AIM to Deadly_Z find.gif 06-01-2003 1,887 07-12-2020   35 MattNo shame, no pitty, you only live right.1991 TTPalm Bay, FLEverything cars.Sand on the Beach
Z Lovin' Enthusiast
find.gif 07-30-2006 1,621 01-24-2019 d.v.'s Avatar d.v.Easy-going guy w/ a love for Zs!90 2+2 NA 5spdSchofield, WIComputers, cars, etc.Database Programmer
find.gif 06-04-2005 1,614 07-07-2020 Dumbass_999's Avatar 32 ThomasMissing the Z93 N/A --> TT R.I.P. --> 91TT SOLD --> 07 C6 Z06 no boost--> 6.2L RaptorHurst, TxBoostAir Traffic Controller
daddy Z
SMZ 95-36 Stage VI
Send a message via AIM to daddy Z find.gif 09-14-2003 1,601 12-05-2013 daddy Z's Avatar 73 Bobby Jayold of body but still young at heart95 SMZ, 1 of 50 TTArlingtondrag racing, autoxing, mountain biking, and skiingretired firefighter
Senior Member
find.gif 06-11-2003 1,493 08-31-2005     1986 300ZX TurboToronto  
find.gif 10-23-2007 1,213 04-30-2020 dcwilson's Avatar Dustin Wilson 92 JDM TT MT 2+2Regina, SK, Canada Video Producer
Send a message via AIM to Diomedes find.gif 04-08-2004 1,199 03-21-2007 Diomedes's Avatar 38 Russell Deutsch 1990 Twin TurboNew York Student
Currently Z-less
find.gif 10-20-2010 1,066 10-28-2016 Drogdar's Avatar   Z less :(Pascagoula, MS Computer repair
Extra sprinkles
find.gif 07-30-2011 1,039 07-31-2020 danny300z's Avatar Dan ZismanMe, just me93 2+2 TTCentral Shore, NJZwe'll see
Official Z Nut
Send a message via AIM to Dark90Z find.gif 03-29-2005 1,039 07-26-2020 Dark90Z's Avatar EdCars and more cars!'90 TTOrange County, CACars. 
Send a message via AIM to drewbagd Send a message via Yahoo to drewbagd find.gif 05-10-2007 999 12-08-2013   35 Drew Daddono 1990 2+2 5speed TT Swap RIP, looking for an NA 5spd 2+2 shellJupiter FL 33458 Tech Support for
Senior Member
Send a message via Yahoo to DC3843 find.gif 03-15-2003 884 04-09-2018 DC3843's Avatar 40 David 1991 Twin TurboSouthlake, TX  
NEZClub Prez and Mod
Send a message via AIM to DropTop300ZX find.gif 09-28-2004 859 08-13-2009 DropTop300ZX's Avatar Patrick 1993 Convertible (SOLD)Connecticut  
find.gif 01-17-2002 856 08-11-2006 degradated's Avatar 38 Ryan Shinvill 1994 black 300zx Twin TurboSouthern CA Turbonetics Tech Support/Sales Rep
Back in the Z game!
Send a message via AIM to Dokebi Send a message via MSN to Dokebi Send a message via Yahoo to Dokebi find.gif 09-25-2004 816 04-10-2018 Dokebi's Avatar Tae 1996 Twin TurboMillbrae, CA Startup CEO
Danny (d.k)
Send a message via AIM to Danny (d.k) find.gif 09-06-2008 751 08-25-2013 Danny (d.k)'s Avatar Dan 1990 2+2 TTDetroit, MISkateboarding, Drums, Drifting, Chillin with friendsWheaton World wide moving, A+ Valet
US Army Infantry!!!!
Send a message via AIM to darkcrash21 find.gif 08-11-2005 707 04-29-2011   36 Mike '93 2+2 N/AFt Bennning, GA US Army Infantry Officer
Send a message via AIM to Dalers08 Send a message via Yahoo to Dalers08 find.gif 03-09-2009 686 06-29-2020   28 John 01 Audi S4 Stage 3Farmingdale, New York  
The Newb
Send a message via AIM to Drifter757 find.gif 11-23-2004 676 12-22-2015 Drifter757's Avatar 38 ErikNew to 300zx's90 TT, 97 240sxNashvegasLife, I supposeMotorcycle Parts Guy
Dead Sexy!
Send a message via Yahoo to dennis90300zx find.gif 01-20-2007 652 02-25-2011   36 dennis 90 n/acharleston, scplaying sports and driving my carvp of avenger termite and pest
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