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Send a message via AIM to JeremyBlackwell find.gif 12-10-2001 1,500 05-08-2015 JeremyBlackwell's Avatar Jeremy Blackwelllong story...SoldAtlantainternet, travel, racing, living
Premium Member
  12-11-2001 0 12-11-2001      NC/GA  
Kirin Ichiban Z
Moderator Pimp
find.gif 12-11-2001 5,698 05-03-2016 Kirin Ichiban Z's Avatar Jonathan 06 BMW 330iPetaluma, CANothing anymoreUS Coast Guard Electronics Technician
Roy Johnson, Jr
7th Heaven
Send a message via AIM to Roy Johnson, Jr find.gif 12-11-2001 42 12-10-2006 Roy Johnson, Jr's Avatar 50   '95 Mazda RX-7 R2Georgia  
Premium Member
find.gif 12-11-2001 1 03-14-2005    Just a lover of quick/fast cars no matter what they are.97 VetteDFWCarsSoftware Consultant
Premium Member
Send a message via ICQ to matt300ZXTT Send a message via AIM to matt300ZXTT find.gif 12-11-2001 3 01-19-2002   40   Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo 1992Chicago school
Premium Member
Send a message via AIM to ON 3 GO find.gif 12-11-2001 137 12-02-2003   38  Go speedracer Go1993 300zxSpring HillRacing 
Premium Member
Send a message via AIM to Fastdriver find.gif 12-11-2001 663 03-14-2018 Fastdriver's Avatar  Forum Administrator    
not a turbo
Premium Member
find.gif 12-11-2001 14 03-15-2002     95 n/a supra   
Premium Member
find.gif 12-11-2001 2 12-13-2001   46  I'm used and married1990 Twin turboprescott arizonacars,minitrucks,fabricationdiscount tire man
Loki Z
Premium Member
Send a message via AIM to Loki Z find.gif 12-11-2001 3,539 03-22-2014 Loki Z's Avatar 42 Justin going back to my NA beginningsCanton, GaSCCA racing, wakeboarding, wakeskating, webdesign and I play too much maddenEDI analyst
odds are, i know....
Send a message via AIM to HaloZ find.gif 12-11-2001 5,591 09-17-2015 HaloZ's Avatar 45  born in tampa 8ys, grew up in Sa 16ys,then 7 years in Middle GA, NOW home sweet home Corpus Christi92 Z32 slicktop TT, 93 S13 coupe, 01 D22 SEDRSanAntonio & Corpus Christi Tx, Tampa Fl, Macon Gasleepinggov ele tech
Premium Member
  12-11-2001 0 09-03-2003     93/300ZX Twin TurboCaliZ32 
Premium Member
find.gif 12-11-2001 20 12-13-2002   55  Married and own a home, so I only upgrade when I can afford it!94 300ZX TTLaguna Niguel, California, USACars, video games, wife, my tropical garden and lagoon style swimming pool, my home (not in that order).Dialogue Director and VO Talent Casting Director for video games (PS2, XBOX, GameCube, PC)
Highway God
Send a message via AIM to CaptanZap find.gif 12-11-2001 8 05-08-2004         
Premium Member
Send a message via AIM to SteveF find.gif 12-11-2001 10 10-07-2005   38    Alexandria, KY  
Premium Member
find.gif 12-11-2001 20 11-21-2002         
Premium Member
find.gif 12-11-2001 15 12-13-2001   40  Live in So. Cali! Working on becomeing an Electical Engineer. maybe I'll make Z parts!!1990 Nissan 300ZX (N/A)Southern CaliforniaPaintball, Snowboarding, and RACEING!!Student for now
Premium Member
find.gif 12-11-2001 26 06-16-2010   65  Used to drive american muscle.........till I fell in love with my 300ZX!1992 300ZXFontana ( nice part of town!)Z ,Z and more Z . Bible study!Industrial feild supervisor
Premium Member
Send a message via AIM to Pearlztt find.gif 12-11-2001 22 08-30-2009   42  I am currently a college student. I will graduate with a degree in biology soon.1990 300zx Stage III TwinturboWest VirginiaI like to lift weights and play sports. Most of all.....I am addicted to cars:)College
Premium Member
find.gif 12-12-2001 8 05-01-2009   41    North Vancouver, CANADASports 
Premium Member
find.gif 12-12-2001 711 05-10-2013     1992/300ZX TT Stock+ PowerFCHuntington Beach, Ca. Grass Farmer
Premium Member
find.gif 12-12-2001 1 02-23-2003   38   1998 Camaro Z28Chatham Ontario Canada  
Premium Member
find.gif 12-12-2001 1 02-24-2006   38   Supra TT 6SpdSeattle, WA  
Premium Member
  12-12-2001 0 12-12-2001         
Premium Member
find.gif 12-12-2001 72 05-06-2005      NorCal, Bay Area  
Premium Member
find.gif 12-12-2001 4 12-14-2001         
find.gif 12-12-2001 74 07-20-2006      Orlando,FL  
Premium Member
Send a message via ICQ to Acc-Risk find.gif 12-12-2001 4 05-26-2002   52   1995 StealthColorado Springs Sys Admin
Premium Member
find.gif 12-12-2001 1 12-28-2001      Florida  
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