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PR Administrator
find.gif 10-09-2003 28,627 Today TnkrsToyCo's Avatar 68 Stephen R. FowlerRetired Hazmat,Selfemployed in various things93' vert,95' 240sxse,05 350ZAE, 91 2+2, 92 slicktopSpringdale, ArkansasCars, Planes and doing nothingSelf-employed
Send a message via AIM to AZ-ZBum find.gif 11-16-2002 21,421 11-15-2020 AZ-ZBum's Avatar AZ-ZBumI like boobies.84 AET 5spd / 88 NA Vert Auto / 84 NA 5spdPhoenix, Arizonacars, women, audio/video and other toysI keep firing myself.
My Fairlady Z
find.gif 11-17-2006 19,762 11-30-2020 jschrauwen's Avatar John Schrauwen 90 RHD 2+2 TT 5spFrankford, Ontario, Canada Air Traffic Controller (Retired)
Send a message via AIM to canyoncarver Send a message via MSN to canyoncarver Send a message via Yahoo to canyoncarver find.gif 08-25-2004 19,635 09-28-2019 canyoncarver's Avatar 61 KeithCars, motorcycles and things mechanical.'93 SlicktopActon, caPassin your Slo-Ass on the RightI can make it faster, better & cheaper
Twisted Six
Send a message via ICQ to Twisted Six Send a message via AIM to Twisted Six find.gif 12-02-2002 18,928 Today Twisted Six's Avatar 48 ChrisLive, restore & drive Z's, and eventually expireGold 90 TT, Black Emerald 94 Vert, and a few others.Salem, MOPreserving the Z32 community, one Z at a time.component level electronic rework
6'8" Serial Z owner
find.gif 04-20-2003 17,372 08-01-2021 Spyder's Avatar Dustin6'8" OgreZ-less for nowMoreno Valley, CACars& HackintoshesKP Supervisor
find.gif 03-18-2006 16,159 04-25-2021 rockchucker's Avatar 47 Cory FrazierdudeBJO 90 N/A MT, 93 AJ4 Vert N/A MT, 93 CK2 Vert N/A MT, 90 732 TT A/T, 91 AG2 TT MT 43k Miles =()Seattle WAcars`Finish Carpenter
Z Junk
Send a message via AIM to daxnizmo Send a message via Yahoo to daxnizmo find.gif 01-02-2008 15,330 05-26-2020 daxnizmo's Avatar 41 Dack LoweryI'm just a laid back, tatted up1990 Naturally aspirated 2+2, A/TCalhoun, La.Working on the Z, family timedisability, GOOGLE "CMT Disease"
of teh Heavens
Send a message via AIM to Zeorymer Send a message via Yahoo to Zeorymer find.gif 10-30-2003 12,601 09-06-2016 Zeorymer's Avatar 44 Jason ProctorZ32 enthusiast, Founder of Z Community of Maui (ZCOM) One of the founding members of teh 3zc Ninja Clan SHIIIIIING! oh and im one sexy guy.1993 Nissan Twin Turbo 5-speed Black. 1991 Nissan Twin Turbo 5-speed White(SOLD)Voorheesville, NYMy Z, driving, and flying low.Ninja Commando & full time eye stabber
Premium Member
find.gif 10-26-2002 11,369 02-16-2021 turtleboy's Avatar Taylor HoffThere are no stupid questions, just inquisitive idiots.1991 Twin Turbo 5spdIrvine, CaliforniaBuilding racecars, snowboarding, lifting, and engineering awesome things.Aerospace Engineer
Super Classi Mod
Send a message via AIM to Z_Freak find.gif 01-16-2004 10,879 04-07-2020 Z_Freak's Avatar 34 Jared LangenfeldI will have my Mechanical Engineering degree in May 2009. I will be working for Black and Veatch.'15 FR-S,'01 954RR, Shifter KartOlathe, KScars, musicMechanical Engineer
find.gif 04-14-2006 10,238 Yesterday Greavous's Avatar 58 Chris 01 Tacoma TruckNew Braunfels, TexasThings which go BOOM!Leather Wheel Skinner
Send a message via AIM to 300zx32tt91 Send a message via Yahoo to 300zx32tt91 find.gif 03-22-2004 9,382 01-05-2021 300zx32tt91's Avatar 36 Mark Abel 1991 TT Z32 (Sold), 1991 NA Z32 (sold), 1978 280Z, 2003 Super Black 350Z Track Ed. 6MTNorman, OklahomaZs 
VP ETZC of Knox TN
Send a message via AIM to CullPearlYellowTT find.gif 12-09-2003 8,349 11-08-2015 CullPearlYellowTT's Avatar 46 David Kornrumpf II 1991 300zx TTKnoxville TNz cars and everquesthome depot cashier
find.gif 08-15-2004 8,289 04-02-2019 EckoInLasVegas's Avatar 38 Steven 1990 2+2 ManualNV NA
Always in Boost
find.gif 12-15-2001 8,215 02-18-2014 AbsolutZ's Avatar 39 Sir Not RequiredLive and die by the zip tie.Slicktop TTColumbus, OHSerious. Bidness.Print / Motion Graphic Designer
McKid Meal
Send a message via AIM to mclarenf1kid find.gif 10-15-2005 7,501 12-18-2019 mclarenf1kid's Avatar 36 Steven Darchiville 1994 300ZX w/ JDM MAD TYTE BOOST, YO!Spartanburg, South Carolina 29303my 300ZX and a dance game called Pump It UpWheel/Performance Specialist
Super Moderator
Send a message via AIM to offset_98 Send a message via Yahoo to offset_98 find.gif 02-10-2002 7,336 05-05-2022 offset_98's Avatar Erik 1993 Nissan 300ZX ConvertibleLas Vegas, NVVoted "Best Looking 'Vert in Town"Who knows anymore
Senior Member
Send a message via AIM to lifeisboost find.gif 12-12-2001 7,326 01-07-2014 lifeisboost's Avatar 41 Peter StabileAdministrator1990 300zx TTmtn home ARCarsTelecommunications
Z Babe
Super Moderator
Send a message via AIM to Z Babe Send a message via Yahoo to Z Babe find.gif 06-06-2003 6,767 01-27-2011 Z Babe's Avatar 56 Z BabeAddicted to Z's82 280ZX; 84 300ZXT; 97 Bull; SOLD: 73 240Z's, 80 & 81 280ZX's, 86 300ZXFormerly Atlanta, GA - Now in Central FloridaShow Competition, AutoX, Restoration, Georgia Z Club officer, ZCCA memberLegal Profession for over 18 years; Private Investigations 10 years
Quoted King-LA Z MOD
Send a message via AIM to michaelsevilla find.gif 09-06-2007 6,603 09-10-2014 michaelsevilla's Avatar 36 Michael Sevilla 300ZX TT 1990Kenner, LAZs........Valet, Server, All up for making money and hooking the Z up.
189rwp @ 15AFR
find.gif 09-26-2008 6,587 04-30-2021 Jaxinc's Avatar 34  33 and I don't know.90 2s NA MTcFoley, AlabamaGraphic Design, Gaming, CarsAuditor
Super Absorbant Tampax
Send a message via AIM to Decoy_TT find.gif 10-10-2002 6,378 07-15-2020 Decoy_TT's Avatar 38 KevinFirst 300zx1990 Twin TurboBoston, MA.carsPissing off Liberals
My Car is Short
Send a message via AIM to Delox find.gif 09-20-2006 6,315 04-10-2015 Delox's Avatar 34 Rich MBentley University1991 300zx TTBelmont, Mass.  
Senior member?
find.gif 02-14-2007 6,181 07-27-2021 supermario680's Avatar MarioTwin Turbo Z's93 TT 5-speed & 91 TT 5-speedWausau, Wisconsinvg30dett4life - snowboarding - skateboarding - music - driftingElectromechanical Tech
Senior Member
find.gif 12-13-2006 6,098 10-22-2012 gnozahs's Avatar    Fresno, CA  
Premium Member
find.gif 11-08-2007 5,944 08-08-2020   63 Andy AndersonJust an old car fanatic , now a Z fanatic'93 TT Swapped -SoldKnoxville, TNPretty much nothing at the momentRegional Director of Engineering
<-- Not a Mod
find.gif 05-20-2004 5,916 03-23-2017 erfoster's Avatar 36 Eric Foster 2000 Durango SLTPoughkeepsie, NY Firefighter/EMT-B
Desert Dog
Z32/S30 Super Mod
Send a message via Yahoo to Desert Dog find.gif 07-12-2003 5,860 03-06-2013 Desert Dog's Avatar 60 Mikecar nut... plain and simple.1973 240Z LSX conversion in progressDallas, TXcars, motorcycles, 4X4 trucks, and guns... especially .45, flunkie.
find.gif 10-21-2003 5,827 09-26-2015 inqui-Z-tor's Avatar  Original owner (Jan'84)84 / z31TNorCAL - Z HavenZ, Armada, photography, etc..Engineering Mgr / Business Owner
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