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07-06-2017 until 12-30-2025
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*ATTN NEW MEMBERS AND CURRENT MEMBERS!!!* Required reading - Forum posting rules

Forum posting rules (EVERYONE please read)


Hey guys, we the mod staff and administrators, just wanted to set forth some guidelines on what is allowed in your posts here at If you have any questions on how to use the basic functions of forum such as posting, signatures, avatars, etc please click the 'MORE' button at the top of the forum, then click ' Site/Forum FAQ'.

1) Before posting a question, PLEASE use the SEARCH feature. You can do this by clicking the 'SEARCH' button located at the top of the site. If you don't find the information you are looking for by searching, please note that you searched in your post so others will know that you looked already. When making a new post, ESPECIALLY in the technical sections, make your title of the thread appropriate to the question/subject of the post. Do NOT post "I need help." as the title.

2) When posting, please make your best attempt to use correct spelling and grammar. No one is going to nitpick about little typos or other small/occasional mistakes. However, you are on a public forum, not a chatroom, and you are expected to act like an adult. Any posts with excessive abbreviations (r, u, etc.), 'textspeak', 'ebonics', and/or other slang will be deleted. Repeat offenders will be subject to warning, and if deemed appropriate, banning.

3) Use of racial slurs, derogatory remarks, other hate speech, and the posting of spam (or spam-like links) will result in the post being edited or deleted with or without a warning and may result in possible banning. This includes links to off-site contests, polls, petitions, or sales not approved by the site Administration.

4) Posting of pornography of any type with no warning in the topic, or posting pornography in forums other than Dungeon, will be subject to a warning, the post being deleted, and from there the Forum ban policy will take effect if necessary. Some people view this site at work and can't risk having naked girls pop up, hope you understand. Please post *NWS* for 'Not Work Safe' if you post a thread containing potentially offensive material.

5) The use of violence or threat of bodily harm to any member, their family, or vendor will result in the post being deleted, and a warning or banning.

6) Directly opposing the decision of an administrator by posting a topic that questions the action will be subject to the post being deleted, a warning on the first offense, and from there, the ban policy will take effect. Any disputes with a moderator/admin's judgement should be handled via PM with an ADMINISTRATOR (Twisted Six or TnkrsToyCo.)

7) Advertising for any type of business or selling performance parts and other items while representing a business in any form is strictly prohibited. Advertising, unless you are pre-approved, will result in a warning for veterans, and banning of newbies. There will be exceptions made for custom Parts/Items being produced. Please contact an administrator to see if your product meets these guidelines. I.E. NO OTHER SPONSOR/VENDOR offers anything close to what you are selling.

8) Group Buys or Feelers, of performance parts or other items, are prohibited by both individuals and businesses unless you have paid the fee to start a group buy. Advertisement rates and payment information can be found HERE. Any attempted group buys or Feelers will be deleted without warning and may result in a warning for veteran members or immediate banning for newbies. There will be exceptions made for custom Parts/Items being produced. Please contact an administrator to see if your product meets these guidelines. I.E. NO OTHER SPONSOR/VENDOR offers anything close to what you are selling.

9) You may not advertise a link to a business website of any kind in your signature or your avatar. You may not post a number to your business or your e-mail address to your business if this business pertains to the automotive aftermarket industry in any way. This includes all forms of advertising. If you want to advertise contact us by e-mail (the link is on the bottom of virtually every page.) Advertising in your signature and/or avatar, unless you are a paid advertiser with, will result in either a warning or banning.

10) You may not advertise another direct competing forum to in your signature or avatar. Advertising a direct competing forum in your signature and/or avatar will result in a warning or banning.

11) Anyone caught harassing another member through the private messaging system or via e-mail or any form of communication, will be subject to a warning on the first offense, and from there, the Forum ban policy will take effect.

12) Images in signatures are to be kept under 700 x 300 pixels. Quotes can be added to the signature still, but keep this at a minimum. A maximum of two images is allowed per signature. A second image is allowed, but it's to be no bigger than avatar size or a banner size if its a site sponsor. The two images combined cannot exceed the 700 x 300 pixel limit total. Anything bigger than the image limit of 700 x 300 pixels will be edited by a moderator and a reminder placed in the signature to make the image smaller. This is to keep the forum more tidy and to make it where people do not have to scroll a lot just to read a thread. No argumentative enticing signatures allowed, this includes links and/or quotes.

13) Fill out your profile to include at least your location (city AND state) as well as the model information (year/engine). Having this basic information helps people answer questions. Certain questions will be easier to answer if we know the year, engine, number of seats, transmission, etc up front. Asking for it after your post can create confusion. Having your location will help allow people to assist you if they are close enough. They can make offers to come over and give you a hand or to point you to a repair shop in your area that will fix your problem quickly and professionally. Click here for a direct link:

14) This site has a classifieds section. There are sections for posting cars and parts for sale as well as requests for cars and parts. There is a feedback section as well. New users will not see or be able to post in the classifieds for at least 30 days. Some users may have their classified privileges revoked by the site admins. There is absolutely no posting of ads outside of the classifieds. If you wish to only sell locally, post an ad in the classifieds and state local pickup only or will not ship.

15) PREMIUM MEMBERS are subject to the same rules as non-premium members. Buying your premium membership may give you some nice perks, it does not grant you diplomatic immunity!! The site administrators reserve the right to revoke a premium membership at anytime without warning. An explanation may or may not follow this action. Always remember, your membership here, whether standard or Premium is a privilege, not a right!

Notice to anyone using our classifieds: Beginning January 1st, 2012, anyone using our classifieds as merely a sales outlet will be subject to "vendor" status.

In the past we have made allowances to certain people in trade for helping with the site, answering tech questions and such. Apparently this hasn't worked out as well as we had expected. While many have enjoyed the free use of the classifieds, they haven't kept up their end of the bargain.

Again this free gratis will end on January 1st, 2012. All persons involved should become a vendor or all ads will be deleted and all classified access will no longer be available to them.

You CANNOT post a for sale ad unless you are here for 30 or more days. If you are merely using our classifieds to sell your parts and materials without contributing to the site in any other way, you will be classified as a vendor, your ads and privileges will be removed without notice.

Classifieds Use only
For the user that wishes to just buy and sell.

This list will be updated periodically. These rules are subject to change at any time. If you have any questions please email me at [email protected]
also, there is a thread in the 'Site suggestions/problems' forum for open discussion on these policies. Feel free to post up any questions you have about these rules, or any other additions/comments. thanks!
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